Spring 2013
Volume 2, Issue 2


IMPROPER MEDICAL RECORD-KEEPING BY USE OF TEMPLATES, BOILER-PLATE LANGUAGE Review of the physician’s records reflected use of a template, in which he would circle the presenting symptoms, all patients received the same assessment, and every patient had the same diagnosis and treatment plan. Physician found to have violated the Board’s patient record rule in his psychiatric practice at a pain clinic and that such was not a mere technical violation. Board requires that physician take a Board-approved medical record-keeping course within three months, imposes a penalty of $6,000 and $5,000 in costs. The Board modified the Administrative Law Judge’s conclusion that requires that patient harm be present in order to find that there is a violation. The Board finds that it has discretion to impose a variety of disciplinary sanctions and is not held to the standard of finding either egregious behavior or actual patient harm to support imposition of disciplinary action.


CONSPIRING TO MAKE FALSE STATEMENTS TO SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION Physician guilty of having been convicted in United States District Court, District of New Jersey of conspiring to make false claims to the Social Security Administration. Board imposes penalty of two-year license suspension, monetary penalty, and completion of CME ethics course.

NON-COMPLIANCE WITH AGREEMENT TO PROVIDE PSYCHIATRIC REPORTS AND UNDERGO INDEPENDENT PSYCHIATRIC EVALUATION Physician’s license is summarily suspended by the Board for failing to comply with an agreement to provide requested psychiatric reports and undergo an independent psychiatric evaluation.

ENGAGING IN GROSS NEGLIGENCE, INSURANCE FRAUD AND FALSIFICATION OF PATIENT RECORDS Physician found to have engaged in gross negligence, insurance fraud and falsification of patient records. Board imposes five years probation and a license restriction limiting physician's pain management practice to examining patients, determining course of treatment, and performing trigger point injections. The physician is prohibited from any interventional procedures, except for trigger point injections, in any setting except a licensed hospital. During the period of probation the physician may only practice medicine when his billings are being monitored by a certified billing and coding specialist.

IMPROPERLY PRESCRIBING CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES Physician found to have improperly prescribed CDS and is permanently restricted from the practice of pain management and the prescribing, ordering and administering of controlled dangerous substances.

ILLEGAL DISTRIBUTION OF PRESCRIPTION DRUGS Physician’s license is revoked following conviction in United States District Court, District of New Jersey of illegal distribution of prescription drugs.

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